These are the templates specific to this wiki. For a list of general templates, see The_Casual_Vacancy_Wiki:Templates.

We have created several templates to help page creation and to ensure a uniform appearance and correct categorisation of pages. This page purports to list all of them; feel free to add any missing ones.

Character-related templatesEdit

These are {{Character}}, {{Adult}}, {{Teen}}, {{Male}} and {{Female}}. For explanations of these, see the guide to creating character articles.

General article templatesEdit

The following section contains one or more spoilers.
Ends the above section. There should be no further spoilers from here.


Creates a named anchor on the page without having to specify a section headline. Used by the Spoilers/Endspoiler pair.
{{W|article|alternate text}}
Links to a Wikipedia article.
E.g. {{W|The_Beatles}} gives The_Beatles on Wikipedia
{{W|The_Beatles|The Fab Four}} gives The Fab Four on Wikipedia

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