Niamh Fairbrother
Age: probably 16
Gender: Female
Occupation: School student
Friends/Family: Father: Barry
Mother: Mary
Sister: Siobhan
Brothers: Fergus, Declan
Friends: Arf Price, Fats Wall, Krystal Weedon
Home: Pagford

Niamh Fairbrother was one of the twin daughters of Barry Fairbrother. As she was in the same school year as Andrew, Fats, Krystal and so on, she was presumably about the same age. Andrew described her as the "less pretty" of the twins, implying that the twins were fraternal rather than identical.


Niamh (approximate English phonetic spelling "Neev-uh") is a Gaelic name meaning "bright" or "radiant". It is thus a cognate of "Roberta", and probably of other English names.

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