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How to write a The Casual Vacancy character article on this wikiEdit

To start with, the article should begin with a {{Character}} template. This gives an infobox giving a summary of the important points of the character, and also automatically adds the article to the Category:Characters so you don't have to do this manually.

Character infobox parametersEdit

All except "Name" are optional, and if omitted, simply won't appear. Note that, per standard grammar, the names in this list have been given in sentence case; but in an actual infobox, they must be typed in lower case (e.g. "name", not "Name") or they won't work.


What it says. The syntax is, for example, "|name=Barry Fairbrother" on a line by itself; the same syntax also applies to the other parameters. If in doubt, look at the source of an article which already uses a character infobox, or test your edit using the Sandbox.


Short for "also known as". Any aliases or nicknames of this character, e.g. Andrew Price is also known as "Arf" or "Peanut". If more than one, these should be separated by commas, or if they need to be split into groups, the groups should be separated by <br/ > (line break) tags.


Whatever text you type will appear as the age.

Adult characters should be given as {{Adult}} (this gives the text "Adult, unspecified") or as {{Adult|x}} (this gives "x" as the age). Either way, the page will be added to Category:Adults.

Teenage characters should be given as {{Teen}} (gives "probably 16") or as {{Teen|x}} (gives "x"). Either will add the page to Category:Teenagers.


What happened to the character; e.g. Barry Fairbrother is "deceased". For dead characters, use the {{Deceased}} template, which as well as giving the word "Deceased", also adds the page to Category:Deceased; it can take a parameter giving the reason, e.g. {{Deceased|Apparated into the ''Simpsons'' universe}} gives "Deceased (Apparated into the Simpsons universe)".


Should be {{Male}} or {{Female}}; again, this is so that the page is added to the correct category.


What this character does; e.g. the teenage characters are all "student"s. If more than one, separate them with commas or <br/ >s as appropriate.


Appears in the box as "Friends/Family". Again, separate groups with <br/ > and items with commas. Don't forget the hyperlinks!


Home town. Probably "Pagford".

The article bodyEdit

Coming soon...

Don't forget to end your article with a {{DEFAULTSORT:last_name,first_name}} (yes, the tag name must be in upper case) tag, so that any categories of which this page is a member will sort properly. For convenience, this tag is available from the "more +" dropdown menu above the edit box.

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