Ghost_of_Barry_Fairbrother (sometimes referred to as simply Ghost of Barry Fairbrother or Barry Fairbrother's Ghost) was an Internet username used by three anonymous posters on the Pagford Parish Council website. The account was created by hacking the original account of the deceased Barry Fairbrother.


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The account was originally created by Andrew "Arf" Price by using SQL hacking to bypass the website's weak security measures. He then used the account to post scandalous, but nevertheless true allegations regarding his father Simon "Si-Pie" Price. Though the allegations were later removed, they proved extremely damaging, leading to Simon's withdrawal from the race for the Pagford parish council and increasing his paranoia.

The account was later used by Sukhvinder Jawanda following her neglect and mistreatment at the hands of her mother, Parminder Jawanda, to post damaging allegations about her.

Later, the account was used by Arf's friend Stuart "Fats" Wall to post allegations regarding his father, Colin "Cubby" Wall.

Stuart took all blame for the posts made under the username and Arthur and Sukhvinder were never discovered regarding their complicity in the events.

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