This is a The Casual Vacancy page.
Terri Weedon
Age: Adult, unspecified
Gender: Female
Occupation: Unemployed
Friends/Family: Grandmother: Nana Cath
Daughter: Krystal
Son: Robbie
Home: Pagford

Terri Weedon was the mother of Krystal Weedon and of Robbie Weedon, and was a heroin addict enrolled in the Bellchapel Addiction Clinic. She sometimes worked as a prostitute or helped her dealer Obbo in his criminal pursuits to make money for heroin. She was often negligent of her children, leaving Robbie in Krystal's care, but genuinely didn't want to lose custody of Robbie.

She was cared for by her grandmother Nana Cath for a short time while she was young.

It was announced in April 2013 that she would be portrayed by British actress, Helena Bonham Carter in the BBC mini series.

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